Download: Diliman Month 2019 Publication Materials

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You may download the Press Kit and UP Diliman Arts & Culture Month list of events.

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UP Diliman Arts and Culture Month 2019

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Lakad-Gunita sa lupang hinirang The UP Diliman Arts Month 2019 will commemorate the 70th year of the University’s move from its 10-hectare original site in Ermita, Manila to its 493-hectare campus in Diliman. Under President Bienvenido Ma. Gonzalez, the transfer marked a new era in the history of the University and acquired greater significance because […]

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STS Month 2018-Ugnayan Special Issue

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BODIES, SCIENCE, AND PHILIPPINE SOCIETY UP Diliman Science, Technology, and Society Month 2018 After the success of the Festival of Culture and the Arts 2018: Kat(hawan: Bodies, Society, Culture, UP DIliman (UPD) continues the identification of the Philippine body as an important device in knowledge production with Bodies, Science, and Philippine Society or the celebration of the first UPD Science, Technology, and Society (STS) Month. This time, the Philippine […]

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BODIES, SCIENCE, AND PHILIPPINE SOCIETY | UP Diliman Science, Technology, and Society Month | October 2018

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After the success of the UP Diliman Festival of Culture and the Arts 2018: Kat(h)awan: Bodies, Society, Culture, UP Diliman (UPD) continues the identification of the Philippine body as an important device in knowledge production with Bodies, Science, and Philippine Society or the celebration of the very first UPD Science, Technology, and Society (STS) Month. […]

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        Encounters Performance by Daloy Dance Company and choreographed by Ea Torrado. 13 June 2018,6pm Wednesday Vargas Museum Grounds and CAL Lawn   Encounters is a performance by Daloy Dance Company and contemporary choreographer Ea Torrado. It developed around Agnes Arellano’s suite of goddess sculptures Dakini, Innana, Kali and Magdalene. The goddesses […]

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