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        Encounters Performance by Daloy Dance Company and choreographed by Ea Torrado. 13 June 2018,6pm Wednesday Vargas Museum Grounds and CAL Lawn   Encounters is a performance by Daloy Dance Company and contemporary choreographer Ea Torrado. It developed around Agnes Arellano’s suite of goddess sculptures Dakini, Innana, Kali and Magdalene. The goddesses […]

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LAWAS A Site-specific Installation Exhibit Lawas is about three site-specific installations that examine representations of the body and shifting modes of perception. Featured artists are Agnes Arellano, Lee Paje vand Mark Justiniani. Arellano’s Project Pleiades 2,” cast stone goddesses, four of seven of the open star cluster most visible to the naked eye at night […]

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UP Diliman Festival of Culture and the Arts 2018

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Let’s talk about the Filipino body. How do we see it? How do we perform it? Why should we converse about something so mundane, something so familiar? In consonance with the Philippine National Arts Month, UP Diliman celebrates the Filipino body as a creative realm and a locus of scholarly discourse through the UP Diliman […]

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Taludturan: Poetry of the Body

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Taludturan: Poetry of the Body is a 4-part public performance project which includes dance, movement and performance pieces lasting for around 10 minutes in selected venues around the UP Campus every Thursday of February. Each part explores the embodiment of the encounter and engagement with beauty, love, desire, revolt and death.  It is part of the UP Diliman […]

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Documentary on the story of the Philippine National Artist for Sculpture, Napoleon Abueva: Written and directed by Katrina Ventura

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A documentary on the story of the Philippine national artist for sculpture, Napoleon Abueva. Known by his loved ones as Billy, Abueva started showing interest in sculpture when he was still a child. After the Japanese occupation in the Philippines, Abueva was given a chance to become an artist in the University of the Philippines. […]

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