UP Diliman Honorific Award for Student Performing Arts Groups (UPD HASPAG)


We are pleased to announce that upon the recommendation of the Evaluation Committee, the endorsements of the OICA Advisory Council and UP Diliman Chancellor Dr. Michael Lim Tan, and the approval of the Board of Regents, the awardees for the honorific appointment “Official Student Performing Arts Group of the University of the Philippines Diliman” for 2016 are the following:

UP Concert Chorus
UP Dance Company
UP Kontra-GaPi
UP Repertory Company
UP Singing Ambassadors
UP Streetdance Club
UP Symphonic Band

The appointment period of the award is three years.  The award has a monetary equivalent of two hundred fifty thousand pesos (P250,000.00) financial subsidy following government terms per academic year to produce relevant project for each academic year of the award.  The conferment ceremony will be held sometime in August 2016.

The appointed groups may refer to the website for the downloadable forms in the OICA website, taking into consideration the following dates:

28 June 2016      Start of application for the UP Diliman Performing Arts Scholarship Program (UPD-PASP)

29 June 2016      General Meeting with the Faculty Adviser and Artistic Director

7 July 2016 (not later than 5PM)           Deadline of application for the UPD Performing Arts Scholarship Program (UPD-PASP)

Please wait for further announcements regarding the submission of project proposals.


Welcome to the Academic Year 2015-2016!


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Text by Justine Jordan

Photos by Anjon Galauran and Luis Hidalgo, UP Aperture

The University of the Philippines celebrated its 105th founding anniversary this year with an attempt to bring back the community’s love and care for UP.

This year’s theme is “Pride of Place.” As the Office for the Initiatives in Culture and the Arts (OICA) explained, they wanted to rekindle the students’ pride and care for the University’s buildings, facilities and environment.

“It is a general feeling that we’ve lost that important emotional attachment. We had it, but we lost the respect,” said OICA Director Jose Danilo Silvestre.

He noted the “physical deterioration” of buildings and equipment, and noted the contribution of littering to this gradual “loss of respect.”

“If you don’t appreciate the richness of your surroundings, your perception changes,” Silvestre said.

OICA organized a flag-raising ceremony and launched an exhibit on June 18, in celebration of UP’s 105th year.

An exhibit entitled “The Celluloid Campus: The University of the Philippines in the Cinematic Imagination,” illustrates what UP was like in the 1950s. It showcases photographs and video clips of buildings, landscapes and students back then.

“Places are invested with memories, with landmarks, where we can distill our identity. In this exhibit, the pride of place and the sense of place of the University is captured in the medium of film,” said exhibit curator Dr. Gerard Rey Lico.

The Celluloid Campus is located at the University Theater lobby, and will be open to the public for a month.

“UP Diliman is a sentimental place…everyone who has walked through the halls [has had] certain bodies of memory invested in the spaces of UP Diliman,” Lico said.

(Source: Justine Jordan – UP AT 105: ‘PRIDE OF PLACE’ – June 20, 2013)