List Of Approved Grants


Grant No. Organization Project Title Date of Event
Jan18-001 CSSP Student Council CSSP 3rd Undrgraduate Conference 2/19/2018
Jan18-002 Chinese Student Association UPCSA Chinese New Year Cultural Week 2018 2/13-16/2018
Jan18-003 CSSP Volunteer Corps Social Science and Philosophy Summit 2018 2/23-24/2018
Jan18-003 CAL Student Council Padayon, KAL! (CAL Month) 2/26/2018 to 3/30/2018
Jan18-005 Kalayaan Residence Hall Pasalubong Festival (PasaFest) 2018: Ninuno 2/24/2018
Jan18-006 UPD OICA Taludtuiran: Poetry of the Body 2/1,8,15 and 22/2018


Grant No. Organization Project Title Date of Event
Jan17-001 Center for Ethnomusicology Maceda 100 1/31/2017 to 2/2/2017
Jan17-002 College of Fine Arts Falayain: Fine Arts Week 2017 2/20-24/2017
Jan17-003 Kalayaan Residence Hall Pasalubong Festival 2017 2/6-11/2017
Jan17-004 UP ACES Indakan 2017: Karayapan 2/28/2017
Jan17-005 UP Astronomical Society National Astronomy Week 2017 2/13-17/2017
Jan17-006 UP Business Administration Council BA at 100: #BuhayBA Gallery 2/14-24/2017
Jan17-007 ASAPHIL-UP Arch 360: Kapitbahayan: A Community-Inclusive Approach to Architecture 2/25/2017
Jan17-008 College of Music Philippine Radyo Songs, 1920’s to 1950’s 2/17/2017
Jan17-009 UP Broadcasters’ Guild Destino 2017 1/27/2017
Jan17-010 Young Critics Circle YCC 2016 Annual Citations Ceremony 4/27/2017
Jan17-011 UP Aggregates, Inc. Engineering Film Festival – “Katha” 3/3/2017
Jan17-012 UP Cherubim and Seraphim Beauty and Light 3/24/2017
Jan17-013 UP Circulo Hispanico Spanish Week 2017 3/14-18/2017
Jan17-014 UP Cinema Piling Obrang Vidyo XIII 1/21/2017
Jan17-015 Asian Center Sintang Dalisay (Pure Love) 4/8/2017
Jan17-016 UP UGAT UP UGAT Folio Serye 1/27/2017 to 5/12/2017
Jan17-017 UP Architecture Forum Arkwiz 2017 3/18/2017
Jan17-018 UP Writers Club Pagpilas: Ang Ika-90 Taon ng UP Writers Club 2/28/2017 to 3/3/2017
Jan17-019 UP CAST Kape’t Pelikula 2017 4/1/2017
Jan17-020 German Club Deutsche Woche 2017 2/28/2017 to 3/3/2017
Jan17-021 UP PRIME Dulaang Engineering 2017 3/2/2017
Jan17-022 CMC and CHE Thai Food Festival 4/26-28/2017
Mar17-023 CMC UP CMC Recognition 2017 6/25/2017
Mar17-024 Journalism Dept. Asian Journalism Research Conference 2017 4/24/2017
Mar17-025 OICA Conferment of Performing Arts
Scholars (2nd Sem. AY 2016-2017)
Apr17-026 Office of Extension
and External
Relations, CMC
U.P. Gawad Plaridel 2017 8/23/2017
Jun17-027 UP Likas Ang Pilipinas at ang Timog-Silangang
Asya: Mga Hamon at Tunguhin
Jun17-028 Department of
Lakad Gunita: First Quarter Storm and
Diliman Commune Memory Walk in UP Diliman
Jun17-029 Third World Studies
Post-production Workshop and
Sinelaysay: A Documentary Film
Jun17-030 UJP-UP Tinta 2017 9/23/2017
Jun17-031 College of Mass
International Conference on the
Centennial of Tagalog (i.e. Philippine)
Cinema, 1917-2017
Jun17-032 CAL Student
Sama, Kal! (CAL Welcome Week) 2nd or 3rd week
of August 2017
Jun17-033 Department of
Anthro100: Sandaang Taon ng
Aghamtao sa Pilipinas (100 Years
of Philippine Anthropology)
to 11/23/2017
Jun17-034 Dulaang UP 42nd Theatre Season: Teatro Nacional
Jun17-034 Dulaang UP 42nd Theatre Season: Teatro Nacional
Aug17-035 UPD-OICA Bodies In/And Asian
Oct17-036 College of Music Xerxes e Romilda 10/27/2017
Oct17-037 UPD-OICA Conferment of Scholars
for PASP and VACSSP (1st
Semester AY 2017-2018)
Oct17-038 CFA Paglulual: International
Ceramic Art Proj
Oct17-039 UP ACTS Damitan Mo Si Maria 1/20/2018
Oct17-040 UP Dancesport
Oblation Dancesport 2/24/2018
Oct17-041 UPD-OICA Simultaneous Launch
of Pasyal: UP Diliman
Art Trail and the UP
Diliman Art Inventory
Oct17-041 UPD-OICA Simultaneous Launch
of Pasyal: UP Diliman
Art Trail and the UP
Diliman Art Inventory
Oct17-042 UP Business
OrgPres2017: Ano Bayan 11/10/2017
Oct17-043 UP Batangan HALWAT: Ang Pagtuklas
sa Lahing Ala-eh sa Diliman
Oct17-044 UAPSA-UPD Alterchitecture 2017 2/14-24/2018
Oct17-045 College of Education “Design Thinking in Art
Education” Symposium and
Oct17-046 UP SAPUL 5th UP Model United
Nations Conference
Oct17-047 UP Cinema POV XIV: An Interschool
Video Competition
Oct17-048 UP Advertising Core Advertising Conference
(AdCon) 2017 Advantage:
Broadening Perspectives
Oct17-049 UP KAISA UP KAISA Anniversary
Week: Promdi Exhibit 2017
Oct17-050 UPIS UPIS: 101 Years and
Beyond: Panrangal sa mga
Guro at Kawani
Oct17-051 UP Anime Manga
UP AME Lecture Series
for AY 2017-2018
Oct17-052 UP Theater Complex A Documentary Theater
Project with Jesca
10/14/2017 to 12/2/2017
Oct17-053 Choral and
Conducting Dept., College of Music
Messiah 2017 12/7-8/2017
Nov17-054 UP Beta Epsilon Maskipaps: The Crossover 2017 12/15/2017
Nov17-055 USC UP Fair 2018 2/13-17/2018
Nov17-056 Physics Association Physics Month 2018 2/1/2018 to 3/2/2018


Grant No. Organization Project Title Date of Event
Jan16-001 UP Architecture Forum Arkwiz 2016 3/5/2016
Jan16-002 Music Education Department Homage A L’Enfant 1/28/2016
Jan16-003 UP CREST Overexposed 2015: National Photography Competition 1/27-29/2016
Jan16-004 UP CINEMA Piling Obrang Vidyo (POV) 12 1/30/2016
Jan16-005 Kontra-Gapi Talakayan at Tambulan sa Diliman (Tambulan sa Diliman XI) 3/1-4/2016
Jan16-006 UP Bike Share Trip: Lakbay2Love 1/29/2016
Jan16-007 UP Bantangan Biyabit: Isang Pagtatampok ng Lahing Ala-eh sa Diliman 2/2-5/2016
Jan16-008 UP ARKAIRA Carovana 2016 2/16-19/2016
Jan16-009 UPCLAS Tuklas: A Look Into Landscape Architecture 2/15/2016
Jan16-010 Kalayaan Residence Hall Pasalubong Festival 2016 2/1-6/2016
Jan16-011 UP SPECA Speech Cup 2016 PAMANA: Boses ng Pinalaya, Boses na Magpapalaya 2/20/2016
Jan16-012 UP Pep Squad Elevate 2016: Utak at Puso the UP Pep Squad Concert 2/13/2016
Jan16-013 UP Cherubim and Seraphim UPCS in Concert 2016 2/19/2016
Jan16-014 Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs UP Youth Cultural Forum 2016 2/15/2016
Jan16-015 Dulaang UP Tisoy Brown: Hari ng Wala 2/10-28/2016
Jan16-016 UAPSA Alterchitecture 2015 Project Runway: Redevelopment of NAIA Complex 2/27/2016
Jan16-017 College of Mass Communication Paladino at Paladina: A Resilience: Survive and Thrive Inter-University of the Phil. Diliman College Tournament 2/24/2016
Jan16-018 UP Music Circle Musikaisahan 2016 2/6/2016
Feb16-019 Institute of Islamic Studies UP-IIS HIJAB DAY and Inter-faith Forum: Fostering Solidarity & Celebratinting Unity in Diversity 2/1/2016
Feb16-020 ASAPHIL-UP Arch 360: Torre de Filipinas: Sustainable Architecture in High-Rise Design 2/26/2016
Feb16-021 International Center International Festival 2016 2/1,12,15,20, 22,24 and 29/2016
Feb16-022 UP Center for Ethnomusicology Bagong Kahapon 2/25/2016
Feb16-023 CMC Student Council Media Students Summit 2016 2/27/2016
Feb16-024 UP Broadcasters Guild Destino 2016: It’s Written in the Stars 2/5/2016
Feb16-025 College of Home Economics The Aurum 2/21/2016
Feb16-026 UP Sigma Alpha Nu Sorority Inang Lupa, Inang Bayan 3/14-19/2016
Feb16-027 UP ACES Indakan 2016: Tales of the Wild 3/1/2016
Feb16-028 ABAM Pinakamahabang Todo Patintero 3/6/2016
Feb16-029 DZUP Radio Circle College Collision 9: Encore 5/7/2016
Feb16-030 UP Aggregates, Inc. Enggterpretations Film Festival 2016 3/4/2016
Feb16-031 UP CAST Kape’t Pelikula 4/2/2016
Feb16-032 CHK Arte na Iskopoeira 4/25-29/2016 & 5/2-7/2016
Feb16-033 UP Streetdance Club Street Fuzion 16: Doors 3/20/2016
Feb16-034 UP Kalilayan Sirang Plaka 2016: OST Edition 3/30/2016
Feb16-035 UP Tomo-Kai Hanakotoba 4/5-8, 15 & 22/ 2016
Feb16-036 HallyUP HallyUniverse III: Summer 3/12/2016
Feb16-037 CHK Student Council Diliman Fitness Month 2016: Move 3/4-21/2016
Feb16-038 UP Special Education Council D-Isko-ber 4/23/2016
Feb16-039 Physics Association Physics Month 2016 2/1/2016 to 3/19/2016
Feb16-040 Maroon FM Maroon FM Broadcast 2/12/2016 to 5/28/2016
Feb16-041 Bulwagan ng Dangal Batang Lumad (Children of Soil) 2/18/2016 to 3/18/2016
Jul16-042 UP ACES National Civil Engineering Summit Exhibit 2016 9/7-17/2016
Jul16-043 Young Critics Circle YCC 2015 Annual Citations Ceremony 8/18/2016
Jul16-044 UP TUGMA Putri: Anak Press Launch 9/23/2016
Jul16-045 Dulaang UP 41st Theater Season (1st Sem AY 2016-2017) 8/24/2016 to 10/30/2016
Jul16-046 CIS A Shinsaku (newly-created) Noh Staging of Ericson Acosta’s Monumento 8/25-27/2016
Jul16-047 Office of Extension and External Relations U.P. Gawad Plaridel 2016 8/24/2016
Jul16-048 Asian Center Maglasig-lasig kitabi! (Pesta Igal 2016): Celebrating Sama-Bajau Music and Dance 10/22/2016
Aug16-049 College of Education Dear Teachers: A Solidarity Night (International Conference on Teacher Education) 9/1-3/2016
Aug16-050 DECL To Open All Closed Things: A Tribute to Francisco Arcellana (An Exhibit) 9/9/2016
Oct16-051 College of Home Economics The Dark Sides of Fashion 10/10/2016 to 11/8/2016
Oct16-052 UP Aggregates, Inc. Fix and Focus Forum 2016 Beneath the Surface 11/7/2016
Oct16-053 UP SPECA OI Night 2016: DAGUNDONG: Hiyaw ng mga Pinagkaitan ng Tinig 10/26-27/2016
Oct16-054 UP EURO HALAKHAK: An Open-field Film Showing 10/20/2016
Oct16-055 UP CREST Overexposed 2016: National Photography Competition 1/23-27/2017
Oct16-056 UJP-UP Tinta 2016 10/21/2016
Oct16-057 UP Piccola Italia La Settimana della Lingua Italiana 2016 10/18-22/2016
Oct16-058 UP Alchemes ChEckboard 2016 10/15/2016
Oct16-059 UP 49ers Cliptomania 2016 11/18/2016
Oct16-060 Business Administration Council OrgPres 2016: Bida Change 11/11/2016
Oct16-061 Chinese Student Association UP CSA Cultural Week 2017 1/24-27/2017
Oct16-062 UP KAISA Quintessence: UP KAISA on it’s 21st Year 1/24-27/2017
Oct16-063 UAPSA-UPD Alterchitecture 2016 Buhay-Bahayan; A Relocation Dev’t. for the Multinational Riversite Community 2/11-18/2017


Grant No. Organization Project Title Date of Event
Jan15-001 UP CREST Overexposed 2015 1/27-30/2015 moved to 2/10-13/2014
Jan15-002 UP Film Institute Piling Obrang Vidyo (POV) 11 1/24/2015
Jan15-003 UP Broadcasters Guild Destino 2015 1/30/2015
Jan15-004 International Center Association International Week 2015 2/2-6/2015
Jan15-005 Architecture Forum Arkwiz 2015 2/28/2015
Jan15-006 Dept. Art Studies and CAL Arts Month 2015: A Celebration of Islamic Art in the Philippines 2/16-27/2015
Jan15-007 Kalayaan Res. Hall PasaFest 2015: Kasali’t Kasali Kayo sa Kalay 2/7/2015
Jan15-008 Beta Sigma Fraternity Bare:The Nude in the 21st Century 2/7/2015
Jan15-009 Chinese Student Association UP CSA Cultural Week 2015 2/18-20/2015
Jan15-010 Dept. Broadcast Communication UP Nating Mahal 2/3,10,17 and 24/ 2015
Jan15-011 AstroSoc National Astronomy Week 2015 2/16-20/2015
Jan15-012 UP Catholic Student Action Bike to Basics: Layag 2/3-6/2015
Jan15-013 German Club Volksfest: Deutsche Woche 2015 2/17-19/2015
Jan15-014 Physics Association Physics Month 2015 Feb. 2015
Jan15-015 CFA Student Council Fine Arts Week 2015 2/16-20/2015 moved to 2/10-14/2015
Jan15-016 USC UP Fair 2015 2/10-14/2015
Jan15-017 AIT Student Council AIT Week 2015 2/10-13/2015
Jan15-018 College of Human Kinetics Fitness Week 2015 2/17-20/2015
Jan15-019 UP Aggregates, Inc. Enggtrepretations Film Festival 2015 3/2-5/2015
Jan15-020 UAPSA-UPD Alterchitecture 2014: An Ideas Competition on Architectural Innovation (Awarding Ceremonies) 3/14/2015
Jan15-021 ASAPHIL Arch 360: Sulawing Filipino – Becoming a Designer for the Philippines 2/27/2015
Feb15-022 UP Cherubim and Seraphim (UPCS) In Concert-2015 2/21/2015
Feb15-023 UP SPECA Speech Cup 2015 (Catharsis: Art and Responding to Climate Change) 2/21/2015
Feb15-024 UP AME AME Night 2/28/2015
Feb15-025 UP ACES Indakan 2015 3/3/2015
Feb15-026 UP ARKAIRA Caranova: An Arts and Food Festival 3/3-6/2015
Feb15-027 Engineering Student Council (ESC) Timeless: Miss Engineering 2015 3/6/2015
Feb15-028 UP Circulo Hispanico Spanish Week 2015: CH@50 3/24-28/2015
Feb15-029 UP CMC Student Council (CMCSC) UP CMCSC Student Media Summit 2015 3/21/2015
Feb15-030 Association of Business Administration Majors 6th Pinakamahabang Todo Patintero 3/22/2015
Feb15-031 UP Photography Society (UP OPTICS) UP Optics Photography Workshop Series 2/24/2015 to 5/15/2015
Feb15-032 Kontra-Gapi Tambulan sa Diliman X 3/20/2015
Feb15-033 UP Streetdance Club Street Fuzion 15: Masterpiece 3/29/2015
Mar15-034 NCPAG Ugnayan Summit 2015: Islands of Opportunities for the Youthin an Integrated ASEAN 3/6-8/2015
Mar15-035 UP Journalism Club Journeys 2015: A Drop of Sunshine-Printing and Folio Launch 4/30/2015
Mar15-036 UP Tomo-Kai Shiosaki: Panibagong Alon 4/10,17 and 24/2015
Mar15-037 UP Buklod-Isip Sayawitsan 2015 4/17/2015
Mar15-038 School of Economics Philippine Intercollegiate Debate Championship 4/17-21/2014
Mar15-039 CHK Diliman Fitness Fiesta 2015 4/20,24 and 27/2015
Mar15-040 UP 49ers Cliptomania: A Game of Hearts 4/23/2015
Mar15-041 UP Cinema Arts Society Kape’t Pelikula 4/25/2015
Mar15-042 Asian Center Bunga Arts Link Igal Dance Workshop/Recital (2015) 5/2,9,14,16 and 29/2015
Mar15-043 UP Dancesport Society Isko You Think You Can Dance (IYTYCD) 5/9/2015
Mar15-044 Office of Extension and External Relations UP Gawad Plaridel 2015 8/26/2015
Mar15-045 UP EURO Al Fresco: European Short Film Showing 5/7/2015
Mar15-046 DSCTA OUROBOROS: Pananalamin at Panganganino 4/17-19/2015
Apr15-047 Architecture Student Council Haraya 2015: Rediscovery 5/19-22/2015
Apr15-048 DZUP Radio Circle College Collision 8: Conquer (Final Competition) 5/30/2015
Jun15-049 Aliguyon-UP Folklorists Korapsiyonaryo: Walang Kukurap sa Sining Lunsad 6/19/2015
Sep15-050 Department of History Occupation and Liberation: An International Conference on the Pacific War in the Phil. 9/3-5/2015
Sep15-051 Archaeological Studies Program 20/20: 20 Years of Archaeology at the UP-ASP October 2015
Sep15-052 UP Dance Company Sayaw Salamat@35.U.P.EDU 2nd week of October 2015
Sep15-053 Dulaang UP 40th Theatre Season (2015-2016) 20/20 Vision: Clarity,Originality, Perspective 8/26/2015 to 7/10/2016
Sep15-054 UP Aggregates, Inc. Fix and Focus Forum 2015:Beauty and the City 11/7/2015
Sep15-055 UP Likas Komonwelt: Landas Tungo sa Kalayaan at Kasarinlan 9/25-26/2015
Sep15-056 UP Aces National Civil Engineering Summit 2015 9/2,5,10,11 and and 12/2015
Sep15-057 UJP-UP Tinta 2015 9/18/2015
Sep15-058 UPD-OICA Grants, Gigs and Gimmicks 2015 10/19/2015
Sep15-059 Center for Ethnomusicology 33rd Asian Composers League International Festival and Conference:Symphonic Band and Chamber Music Concerts 11/9/2015
Sep15-060 UP EURO Nightfall: An Open Field Film Showing 10/22/2015
Sep15-061 ASAPHIL-UP Arkitekturo: A Spatial Education on Disaster 11/13/2015
Sep15-062 UP Singing Ambassadors Choirgasm: An Evening of Coral Pleasure 11/6/2015 and 11/30/2015
Sep15-063 UP SPECA OI Night 11/12-13/2015
Sep15-064 CFA Paglulual: An Int’l. Contemporary Ceramic Art Workshop and Ceramic Art Workshop and 11/10-20/2015
Sep15-065 UP Dancesport Society Isko You Think You Can Dance 4 11/14/2015
Oct15-066 CIS Celebrating Asia in Motion: An Afternoon Heirloom of Dances and Music 11/21/2015
Oct15-067 International Center Association International Night 11/30/2015
Oct15-068 UP UGAT Isansaglit 11/27/2015
Nov15-069 UP Repertory Company Mas Mabigat ang Liwanag sa Kalungkutan 10/16,19,20 and 21/2015


Grant No. Organization Project Title Date of Event
Jan14-001 College of Music The Legend of M 2/01/2014
Jan14-002 El Circulo Hispanico Spanish Week 2014 1/28-30/2014 and 2/1/2014
Jan14-003 UP Alchemes Chemical Engineering Students Summit Philippines 2014 (ChESSPh) 2/7-9/ 2014
Jan14-004 UP Buklod-Isip Sayawitsan 2014 01/31/2014 moved to 02/07/2014
Jan14-005 International Center Association International Week 2014 2/3-7/ 2014
Jan14-006 UP German Club Deutsche Woche (German Week):Berlinale Goes to UP 2/4-7/ 2014
Jan14-007 UP Tourism Management Society SoBeIt: TMS at Seventeen 2/3-7/ 2014
Jan14-008 UP Streetdance Club Street Fuzion 14: Journey 2/22/2014
Jan14-009 CMC Student Council Destino 2014 2/07/2014
Jan14-010 CHK Student Council Diliman Fitness Week 2014 2/17-22/2014
Jan14-011 UP EURO Asean Integration 2015: Probing ASEAN-EU Dynamics 2/21/2014
Jan14-012 UP UGAT Photo-Tanaga 2/17-21/2014
Jan14-013 Underground Music Community Roots 2014 2/13/2014
Jan14-014 UP CREST Overexposed 2/11-14/2014 and 2/18-21/2014
Jan14-015 ASAPHIL Arch360: A Forum on Foreshore Architecture 2/28/2014
Jan14-016 CIS Japan’s Noh Theater and Philippine Practice Western Performance Traditions: A Dialogue on Cultural Exc. & Dip. 2/10/2014
Jan14-017 CoNeMus SInteractive IKOTOKI Installations and Concert Inst.- 3rdto 4th wk of Feb Concert-2/28/2014
Jan14-018 Kontra-Gapi Tambulan sa Diliman IX-2014 02/15/2014
Jan14-019 UP Repertory Company Damas De Noche 3/1,7, 8 & 10/2014
Jan14-020 Physics Association Physics Month 2014: Let the Games Begin (UPPag-ibig) 2/3/2014 to 3/08/2014
Feb14-021 Asian Center Maglami-lami Kita! (Pesta Igal Philippines 2014): An Intercultural Celebration 3/01/2014
Feb14-022 UP Architecture Forum Arkwiz 2014 03/01-05/2014
Feb14-023 College of Architecture Haraya 2014 03/04-07/2014
Feb14-024 UP Asterisk Baybayin 03/11-14/2014
Feb14-025 UP Gears and Pinions Open Mic: Mechanical Engineering Talent Night 03/09/2014
Feb14-026 Office of Extension and External Relations, CMC UP Gawad Plaridel 2014 UP Gawad Plaridel 2014
Feb14-027 College of Fine Arts Live Casting Project 03/15-22/2014
Feb14-028 UP Dancesport Society 3rd University of the Philippines Diliman Dancesport Cup (UP DDC) 03/22/2014
Feb14-029 UJP-UP Tambuli Special (Launching) 03/21/2014
Mar14-030 UP Singing Ambassadors Amis Pour Toujours Amis Pour Toujours 04/10/2014
Mar14-031 UP Pep Squad Elevate 14: Lift One Another UP (Cheerdance and Group Stunt Competition) 03/17/2014
Jul14-033 OICA OICA Grant Coordinator Training: Managing Government Records 8/26-29/2014
Jul14-034 Office of Research & Publication,CMC Intellectuals, the Public Arena and the Nation 9/22-24/2014
Jul14-035 College of Music Rusalka 9/23-24/2014
Jul14-036 Dulaang UP 39th Theater Season: Regaining Dignity (5 plays) 7/4/2014 to 2/22/2015
Jul14-037 UP Sidlangan Saha 8/26-29/2014
Jul14-038 CAL Student Council Linggo ng Departamento ng Filipino at Panitikan 8/26-29/2014
Jul14-039 UP Likas KaLipunan:Kasaysayang Panlipunan ng Digmaang Pilipino-Amerikano(1899-1913) 8/29-30/2014
Jul14-040 UP Aces National Civil Engineering Summit 2014 9/3-13/2014
Jul14-041 USC University Freshie Month 2014: Freshie Night and UFM Closing Ceremonies 8/22/2014 and 8/29/2014
Jul14-042 CHK Student Council College of Human Kinetics Week 2014: “Power Forward” 9/22-27/2014
Jul14-043 DECL The 6th Asian Translation Traditions Int’l. Conference: Translating Asia—Migrations and Transgressions 10/23-25/2014
Jul14-044 Kontra-Gapi EPIKO: Ang Kosyerto ni Binaylan 11/7/204
Jul14-045 UP Dawani Women’s Choir Sa Dakong Sikatan 9/3/2014
Sep14-046 Union of Journalists of the Philippines Tinta 2014 9/30/2014
Sep14-047 UP EURO Open Field Film Showing and Film Contest 9/25/2014
Sep14-048 UP POLITICA POLITIKultura: Risks in the Philippine Political Arena (Awarding Ceremony) 12/5/2014
Sep14-049 Tau Omega Mu Fraternity and Its Ladies’ Circle Diliman General’s Cup 10/22-24/2014
Sep14-050 UP Aggregates T3: Tips, Tricks and Trivia and Anything You Need to Learn in Photography 10/23/2014
Sep14-051 Young Critics Circle (YCC) Young Critics Circle (YCC) 2013 Annual Citations Ceremony 10/24/2014
Sep14-052 UP Repertory Company Bangsa: Mga Dayalogo sa Moro 11/3,8,10,14,15 and 27/2014
Sep14-053 OICA Grant, Gigs and Gimmicks 2014 10/20/2014
Sep14-054 UP SAPUL 2nd UP Model United Nations Conference 10/25-26/2014
Sep14-055 USC Pride Week 2014: Open Minds, Open Hearts 9/23-26/2014
Sep14-056 UP Theater Council Curtain Call-“Juan Act(s): A Student Call for Action Through and One-Act Filipino Plays” 10/16-19/2014 and 10/23-26/2014
Oct14-057 OICA Training-Workshop on 3D Printing for the Design/Creative Disciplines 9/20 &22/2014
Oct14-058 UP Concert Chorus UPBeat: Remix 11/27-28/2014
Oct14-059 UP Dancesport Society 4th University of the Philippines Diliman Dancesport Cup 11/15/2014
Oct14-060 UP Beta Epsilon Maskipaps: The Crossover (Diliman Electronic Music Festival) 12/15-16/2014
Oct14-061 UP Dance Company Twin Bill 12/1/2014
Oct14-062 OICA Master Cass: Harp and Guitar 10/11/2014
Nov14-063 UP KAISA Prestige: The Isabela Culture in Focus 11/25-28/2014
Nov14-064 UP Cherubim and Seraphim The U.P. Cherubim and Seraphim in Concert 11/21/2014
Nov14-065 CS Student Council CS Carolfest 2014 12/8/2014
Nov14-066 Architecture Student Council National Architecture Week 2014 12/2-5/2014
Nov14-067 College of Music and OICA Master Class: Christian Leotta 11/12/2014
Nov14-068 UP Beta Sigma Folkways 2014 12/15/2014
Nov14-069 UP Aguman Eat Wave: Biggest Food Quest 11/29/2014
Nov14-070 UP Astronomical Society Geminid Meteor Shower Public Observation 12/15-16/2014
Nov14-071 UP Theater Complex Christmas Concert 2014 12/12/2014
Nov14-072 USC Karol Fest 2014 12/13/2014


Grant No. Organization Project Title Date of Event
Jan13-001 College of Architecture Student Council Arki X: Explore the Walled City 01/26/2013
Jan13-002 UP Writers Club Writers Week 02/11-16/2013
Jan13-003 International Center International week 2013 02/04-10/2013
Jan13-004 DZUP Radio Circle Sineng Lito Tiongson: Broadcast and Emerging Media Productions 02/27/2013 to 03/01/2013
Jan13-005 UP Underground Community Roots: Music and Arts Festival 02/14/2013
Jan13-006 UP Chinese Student  Assoc. Chinese New Year 2013 02/12-15/2013
Jan13-007 UP Physics Association Physics Month 2013 02/04/2013 to 03/02/2013
Jan13-008 University Student Council UP Fair 2013 02/12-16/2013
Jan13-009 UP Architecture Forum Arkwiz 2013 02/28/2013
Jan13-010 Arirang Dream High 2: The Search for the Next KPop Sensation 02/09/2013
Jan13-011 Buklod-Isip Sayawitsan or Cultural Night 2013 02/22/2013
Jan13-012 CHK Fitness Week 2013 02/26/2013 to 03/01/2013
Jan13-013 DECL The Amelia Lapena Bonifacio Literary Contest (Screening and Awarding) 02/11-28/2013
Jan13-014 EMC2 Quatrociente: Surging 4ward 02/14/2013 to 03/15/2013
Jan13-015 Department of Art Studies Plot last week of Feb. 2013
Jan13-016 CIS Bunraku+Noh: Celebrating 40 Years of ASEAN-Japan Relations Through Intercultural Collaboration … 02/10/2013 and 2/17/2013
Jan13-017 College of Science Student Council College of Science Idol 02/22/2013
Feb13-018 UP Theater Bongga 02/01/2013
Feb13-019 UP Theater Beethoven’s Pastorale 02/22/2013
Feb13-020 UP Repertory Company Apuhap 3/1-9/2013
Feb13-021 Asian Center Re-imag(in)ing the Nation: Sulu Sojourns 02/12/2013 to 04/30/2013
Feb13-022 AIT Student Council C3: Couture, Cuisine, Culture – Satisfy Your Native Senses 02/08/2013
Feb13-023 UP Dancesport Society UP Diliman Dancesport Cup 03/09/2013
Feb13-024 UP EURO EURO Summie 2013:  The Philippine Summit on European Studies 03/09/2013
Feb13-025 UP College of Architecture Haraya Week 2013 3/5-8/2013
Feb13-026 UP Streetdance Club Street Fuzion Thirteen: Puso 03/16/2013
Feb13-027 UP Pep Squad Elevasion 03/23/2013 and 03/27/2013
Mar13-028 UP Guitar Orchestra It’s Spring! 03/08/2013
Mar13-029 Office of Extension and External Relations, CMC UP Gawad Plaridel 2013 07/04/2013
May13-030 UGAT/DFPP Palihang Rogelio Sicat 6 05/22-26/2013
May13-031 Sentro ng Wikang Filipino Buwan ng Wika 2013 08/16, 08/23 and 08/30/2013
Jun13-032 UP College of Science Student Council College of Science Mr. and Ms. 06/21/2013
Jun13-033 Center for International Studies Japanese Fun and Magic: Daikagura, Wazuma and Rakugo 06/28/2013
Jun13-034 UP Aggregates, Inc. Photofest 2013 07/22-27/2013
Jun13-035 Union of Journalists of the Phil. (UJP-UP) Tinta (Official Literary Folio of UJP-UP) Launch/UJP-UP 25th Anniversary Launch 07/16/2013
Jun13-036 CHK Send off/ UP Pep Rally 2013 06/24/2013
Jun13-037 OICA The Celluloid Campus: The University of the Philippines in the Cinematic Imagination 06/18/2013 to 07/31/2013
Jul13-038 UP Concert Chorus KOReoKAPELA 07/12/2013
Jul13-039 UP Tomo-Kai Owaranai Natsu (Endless Owaranai Natsu (Endless Summer): A Season of Bliss 07/26/2013
Jul13-040 Saligan sa CSSP Monico Atienza Fellowship Program 8/10,11,18 & 25 2013
Jul13-041 College of Music Towards AHA @50 Concert Series 08/27/2013 to 09/24/2013
Jul13-042 Anthropology Society IP Under Seige: Land, Language and Law 08/08/2013
Jul13-043 Dulaang UP 38th Theater Season 07/17/2013 to 02/23/2014
Jul13-044 UP ACES National Civil Engineering Summit 09/2-7/2013
Jul13-045 UP Likas Kilos Kasaysayan: Ang Katipunan at mga Kilusang Panlipunan sa Kasaysayan… 08/16-17/2013
Jul13-046 Young Critics Circle Young Critics Circle Annual Young Critics Circle Annual 8/20 or 22/2013
Jul13-047 OICA OICA Participation in the Brown Movement’s “Conference on Philippine Culture” 07/06/2013
Aug13-048 UP Sidlangan Uswag Waray: Pasidungog kan Iluminado Garcia Lucente 12/06/2013
Aug13-049 UP Repertory Company Lean 9/9-21/2013
Aug13-050 Stand UP Project Pasinaya 09/27/2013
Aug13-051 HallyUP Hallyuniverse: K-Pop Takeover 09/21/2013
Aug13-052 CSSP Student Council Kappistahan 2013 08/30/2013
Aug13-053 UP Asterisk Massacre: Mining, Art and Society 09/19/2013
Aug13-054 UP Underground Community Underground: Onse 09/27/2013
Aug13-055 OICA Bagwis: Birds of UP Diliman 08/29/2013
Aug13-056 Sanlahi Alliance Sayawanlahi 09/20/2013 moved to 11/22/2013
Aug13-057 UP Dancespoort Society 2nd UP Diliman Dancesport Cup 09/21/2013
Sept13-058 Department of Geography Arangkada@30:A Continuing GEOrney-the UP Department of Geography… 11/25-30/2013
Sept13-059 UP ACTS EPITOME Publicity Campaign 10/19/2013
Oct13-060 UP Cherubim and Seraphim Out of the Box: The U.P. Cherubim and Seraphim in Concert 2013 11/23/2013
Oct13-061 Office of the Student Regent Tatak Bonifacio 11/22/2013
Oct13-062 Department of History Alay sa Malayang Bayan: Eksibong Handog sa ika-150 Kaarawan ni Gat Andres Bonifacio 11/21/2013 to 12/06/2013
Oct13-063 UP Staff Choral Society Tuloy Pa rin 11/22/2013
Oct13-064 OICA Hagikhikan 2013: Ang Pagbabalik 12/16/2013
Oct13-065 OICA OICA Grant Orientation/Briefing 11/25/2013
Nov13-066 College of Music Christmas Jazz on the Grass 12/11/2013
Nov13-067 UP Le Club Francais FRENCHip Games 12/07/2013 moved to 01/11/2014
Nov13-068 DECL Shakespeare, Poetry, Theater 12/06/2013
Nov13-069 College of Science CS Carolfest 2013 12/06/2013
Nov13-070 Aggregates, Inc. Filmfest 2013 12/9-12/2013
Nov13-071 UP Aces Indakan 2013 12/13/2013
Nov13-072 Engineering Student Council Miss Engineering: Bellum Noverca 12/19/2013
Nov13-073 CHE and CAL Japanese Washi Paper Costume Party 02/17/2014
Nov13-074 Kontra-Gapi Tambulan sa Diliman 11/22/2013 moved to 11/29/2013


Grant No. Organization Project Title Date of Event
Jan12-001 International Club International Club International Club 01/27/2012
Jan12-002 UP Circulo Hispanico Cinespanol: Una Fiesta Espanola 01/31/2012 to 2/4/2012
Jan12-003 UP Tourism Management Society Tourism Awareness 2/22-24/2012
Feb12-004 Kontra-Gapi Tambulan sa Diliman 02/24/2012
Feb12-005 UP Euro Philippine Summit on European Studies 2012 03/10/2012
Feb12-006 UP Alchemes Chemical Engineering Summit 2/2-4/2012
Feb12-007 UP Dance Company Itim-Asu 02/15/2012
Feb12-008 AIT/ CAL/ Asian Igal-Igalan 02/28/2012
Feb12-009 USC UP Fair 2012 2/14-18/2012
Feb12-010 UP Physics Association Physics Month 2012 02/01/2012 to 03/02/2012
Feb12-011 OSSS Ganito Kayo Noon, Paano na Kami Ngayon 02/18/2012
Feb12-012 UP Cherubim and Seraphim On Angel’s Wings 02/24/2012
Feb12-013 CFA College of Fine Arts/Open Studio 2012 02/28/2012
Mar12-014 Sigma Beta Sorority Sininglaya: Eve Unbound 07/16-20/2012
Mar12-015 Arki Forum Arkwiz 2012: Filipino Architecture 03/09/2012
Mar12-016 UP CREST Overexposed 3/5-9/2012
Mar12-017 UP Streetdance Club Street Fuzion Twelve: Word 03/09/2012
Mar12-018 Vargas Museum Track Changes 06/15/2012
Mar12-019 CMC UP Gawad Plaridel 07/31/2012
Apr12-020 Young Critics Circle 22nd Annual Circle Citations for Distinguished Achievement in Film for 2011 06/27/2012
Apr12-021 UP Arco A Dinner Concert 04/28/2012
Apr12-022 UP Theater The University of the Philippines: An Educational Heritage Site 4/15/2012  to 6/30/2012
Jun12-023 UP Tomo-Kai Fiesta: A Festival of Colors 7/2-26/2012
Jun12-024 Dulaang UP 37th Theater Season 07/18/2012 to 03/03/2013
Jun12-025 UP NUPL Legal Legato (formerly, Laws of Harmony) 07/24/2012
Jun12-026 DECL Phili. Literary and Cultural Traditions: A Performance Conference… 07/30/2012
Jun12-027 University Theater Norberto Carating: Artist Collection in Retrospect 07/05/2012 to 12/31/2012
Jul12-028 U.P. CHK Let’s Go UP: Pep Rally 07/09/2012
Aug12-029 U.P. Likas Sangkababaihan: Kababaihan sa Himigsikang Pilipino(21st Annual…) 08/17-18/2012
Aug12-030 U.P. Repertory Company Ped Xing: Tatawid Ka Ba Kahit Nakamamatay? (formerly, Debt Note:…) 09/8-24/2012
Aug12-031 U.P. Chinese Student Assoc. Asian Food Fair 2012 08/22/2012
Aug12-032 U.P. Filipiniana Dance Group 15(Kinse)-Rap Sumayaw 08/30/2012
Aug12-033 U.P. College of Music UP Abelardo Hall Concert Series: UP Jazz Ensemble Plays Pinoy Jazz 09/06/2012
Aug12-034 Sinagbayan Pitong Sundang: Mga Sayaw sa Lupa at Pakikibaka 11/29-30/2012
Aug12-035 U.P. Cherubim and Seraphim Kay Ganda ng Ating Musika: The U.P. Cherubim and Seraphim @ 40 09/21/2012
Oct12-036 Stand UP Renovation of Lorena Barros Student Activity Center 10/17/2012
Oct12-037 UP Alyansa International Students’ Day Parade and Concert 11/17/2012
Oct12-038 CFA Lupa: Tribute to Land Art Exhibit 01/04/2013 to 03/09/2013
Oct12-039 U.P. Politica Politikultura 2012 01/11/2013
Nov12-040 UP Engineering Student Council Engineering Week 2012 12/06 -15/2012
Nov12-041 UP Aggregates, Inc. Film Fest 2012 12/06-11/2012
Nov12-042 UP College of Music/ Office of OICA/UP Theater Handel’s Messiah 12/13/2012
Nov12-043 UP Voice and Music Theater Guild (UPVMTG) Huyuhoy Han Dughan 12/04/2012
Dec12-044 UP Circulo Hispanico iSaborifico!  La Gastronomia Del Mundo Hispanohablante 1/22-26/2013
Dec12-045 UP Tourism Management Society Agora 01/28/2013 to 02/01/2013
Dec12-046 UP Aperture Serve the People 03/01-15/2013
Dec12-047 International Club of UP (ICUP) World’s Fair: The ICUP’s World’s Fair: The ICUP’s Kalye Kultura ’13 01/25/2013
Dec12-048 UP Concert Chorus 50th Anniversary Gala Concert of the U.P. Concert Chorus 12/21/2012


Grant No. Organization Project Title Date of Event
Jan11-001 NNARA-Youth Linangan: Isang Palihan sa musika, sining biswal, sayaw pagsulat ng tula at teatro 1/15-16/2011
Jan11-002 International Club of the University of the Philippines ICUP Week 2011 1/24-28/2011
Jan11-003 UP Circulo Hispanico La Semana Española-Buen Viaje 1/25-29/2011
Jan11-004 UP College of Architecture 10th Annual Conference on Architectural Research and Education (ACARE10) 02/11/2011
Jan11-005 UP Institute of Creative Writing Three Nights of Love Poetry 2/9/2011
Jan11-006 UP College of Science Student Council The Big Band Theory: CS Week  Battle of the Bands 07/24/2011
Jan11-007 UP  College of Fine Arts Student Council A Toy Story: To FA and Beyond Fine Arts Week 2011 2/07-11/2011
Jan11-008 Asian Institute of Tourism Student Council AIT Month 2011: 35 Taon ng Matayog na Paglalayag 02/01/2011  to 03/04/2011
Jan11-009 CSWCD 6th CSWCD-REDO Advo-Docu Video Exposition 02/24/2011
Jan11-010 UP Euro The Philippine Summit on European Studies 2011 02/05/2011
Jan11-011 UP Physics Association Physics Week (A.Y. 2010-2011) 02/21/2011
Jan11-012 UP Writers Club UP Writers Club turn 84! 02/07-10/2011
Jan11-013 UP Sigma Beta Sorority SININGLAYA: Decoding Maria 03/08/2011
Jan11-014 UP Filipiniana Dance Group Bagong Mukha, Lumang Likha 02/28/2011
Jan11-015 University Student Council UP Fair 2011 2/15-19/2011
Mar11-016 UP Streetdance Club Street Fuzion 11: Reconnect 03/05/2011
Mar11-017 UP Architecture Forum ARKWIZ 2011 03/10/2011
Mar11-018 UP Vargas Museum Track Changes 03/22/2011
Mar11-019 UP Samaskom Live Aids 27: A Jokebox Musical 04/9-11/2011
Mar11-020 Dept. of English and Comparative Literarure Screen: Macbeth, The DECL Centennial Production 2/24/2011 to 03/12/2012
Mar11-021 UPCFA Artist Residency of Kevin Power and Monica Carballas 2/15-26/2011
Mar11-022 CMC CMC Week 2011 3/1-4/2011
Mar11-023 UP Film Institute 20th International Women’s Film Festival 03/16/2011
Mar11-024 UPD-OICA Coordinators’ Training: Disciplines of Stagecraft 03/28-30/2011
Apr11-025 UPD-OICA Collections Management Workshop Part 2 04/13-15/2012
Jun11-026 UP Engineering Student Council Eng. Opening Week “Escape Velocity: Break Free From Boundaries” 06/27/2011 to 07/01/2011
Jun11-027 UP Dance Company Class Menu Reprise 6/30, 7/11 & 8/5/2011
Jun11-028 UPCHK UP Pep Rally 2011 07/01/2011
Jun11-029 Office Extension & External Relations, CMC UP Gawad Plaridel 2011 07/04/2011
Jul11-030 College of Music Abelaredo Hall Concerts 1st Semester AY2011-2012 July to Nov. 2011
Jul11-031 CFA Il Restauro 07/18/2011  to 08/05/2011
Jul11-032 Dulaang UP 36th Theater Season 7/20/2011 to 03/04/2012
Jul11-033 UP Tomo-Kai Cultural Night 07/29/2011
Jul11-034 UP Lipunang Pangkasaysayan Ika-20 Pambansang Kumperensiya ng mga Mag-aaral ng Kasaysayan:Mula Bagani… 08/16-17/2011
Jul11-035 UP Kontra-Gapi UP Kontra-Gapi @ 22 8/29/2011  to 09/02/2011
Aug11-036 UP Bukluran sa Sikolohiyang Pilipino (UP Buklod-Isip) Sayawitsan/ Cultural Night 2011 08/26/2011
Aug11-037 Departamento ng Filipino at Panitikan ng Pilipinas Sa Pakpak ng Tula 09/1-15/2011
Aug11-038 UP Pi Sigma Fraternity 24th Annual UP Pi Sigma Open Debate Tournament 08/25/2011  to 09/02/2011
Aug11-039 CSSP Student Council Straw-ptember 09/06-30/2011
Aug11-040 CAL Student Council Padayon/ Confronting the Urgent Challenges of our Time 08/01/2011  to 11/30/2011
Sep11-041 UP 49ers Cliptomania 09/12/2011
Sep11-042 International Center Japanese Night 09/16/2011
Sep11-043 UP Sanlahi Alliance Tanghalanlahi 2011 09/26/2011
Sep11-044 Underground Music Community Underground: Nueve 09/23/2011
Sep11-045 UAPSA UAPSA-UPD Week 2011 12/6-9/2011
Sep11-046 UP Dancesport Society Bailamos: A Ballroom Experience 10/01/2011
Sep11-047 Vargas Museum Hong Kong Intervention 08/31/2011  to 10/29/2011
Oct11-048 Dept. Art Studies Nothing to Declare International  Art Project 11/18/2011  to 01/08/2012
Oct11-049 UP Politica Politikultura 11/07/2011  to 12/02/2011
Oct11-050 UP CIEM Juanted 11/9-11/2011
Oct11-051 Dept. of English and Comparative Literature Gathering Stones for the Edifice 11/21/2011
Nov11-052 UP Voice and Theater Guild The Merry Wives of Windsor 12/05-07/2011
Nov11-053 College of Music G.F. Handel’s Messiah 12/15/2011
Nov11-054 International Center Korean Night 12/09/2011
Nov11-055 Engineering Student Council Eng’gardium: Enter the Realms of Magic 12/8-15/2011
Nov11-056 Young Critics Circle 21st Annual Circle Citations for Distinguished Achievement in Film for 2010 12/06/2011
Nov11-057 UP ACES Hot Pursuit: Beat the Blacklisted (Indakan 2011) 12/14/2011
Nov11-058 UP PRIME Juanderland: Dulaang Engineering 2011 12/13/2011
Nov11-059 Alliance of Concerned Dormitories Diliman Residents Cup 2012 11/14/2011  to  03/05/2012


Grant No. Organization Project Title Date of Event
Dec09-059 Kalayaan Residence Hall Association Pasalubong Festival 2010 01/09/2010
Dec09-060 International Club of U.P.(ICUP) ICUPiptitri: ICUP Anniversary Week 1/26-29/2010
Dec09-061 SAMASKOM Live A.I.D.S. 26 2/13-20/2010
Jan10-001 UP Circulo Hispanico Erase Una Vez 1/26-29/2010
Jan10-002 Vargas Museum Vargas Museum Collection: A Permanent Exhibition 01/20/2010
Jan10-003 CFA Exhibition, Printmaking Wokshop and Residency of Master Printmakers from the Blackburn Studio in New York
Jan10-004 UP Streetdance Club Street Fuzion 10: Decade. Vision. Dance. 03/06/2010
Jan10-005 Association of Ipil Residents Ipil Recognition Tribute/Formal Dinner 03/12/2010
Jan10-006 CFA Painting & Information Graphics Workshop 2/1-9/2010
Jan10-007 Department of Speech Communication and Theater Arts Papet ASEAN 2010: Celebrating ASEAN Puppet Tradition 2/23-28/2010
Jan10-008 CSWCD Matyag 5: CSWCD-REDO Advo Docu Festival 02/09/2010
Jan10-009 Asian Institute of Tourism AIT Week 2010 Contour: Reshaping the Future of Philippine Tourism, Annual Talent Competition & Search for Mr. and Ms. AIT 2/25-28/2010
Jan10-010 CFA Student Council Fine Arts Week 2/16-20/2010
Jan10-011 College of Science Student Council College of Science Week 2010: CS Idol 1/17-19/2010
Jan10-012 UP Repertory Company Hello Philippines 2/20-22/2010
Jan10-013 USC UP Fair 2010 2/9-14/2010
Jan10-014 UP PEP Squad Elevate 10: Lift One Another Up 02/26/2010
Jan10-018 UP College of Music Ugnayan 2010 1/31/2010 to 02/03/2010
Mar10-019 UP Film Institute 19th International Women’s Film Festival 3/9-11/2010
Mar10-020 UP Scintilla Juris Fraternity and Astrum Scientis Sorority Ars Poetica 3/15/2010
Mar10-021 UP Concert Chorus Farewell Concert 3/18/2010
Mar10-022 UP Artists’ Circle Sorority Ladies’ Room 3/20/2010
Mar10-023 Dept. of Speech Communication and Theater Arts DSCTA: Consolidating Gains in the Present Millenium 03/16-17/2010
Mar10-024 UP College of Architecture Fabrication of Panel Boards for The Museum of Filipino Architecture 3/9/2010
Mar10-025 UP Singing Ambassadors Farewell Concert 3/29/2010
Apr10-026 UP College of Human Kinetics Name the UP Team
Apr10-027 UPD-OICA, Vargas Museum & CFA Artist Residency of Alfredo Juan & Isabel Aquilizan 2/18/2010 to 3/20/2010
Jun10-028 UPD-OICA Diliman: Tracing the Terrain and Monochromed Memories: UP Landmarks 6/18/2010 to 9/15/2010
Jun10-029 UP Vargas Museum Gaston Damag and Goetz Arndt Installations 6/29/2010
Jun10-030 UP Pi Sigma Fraternity 23rd Annual UP Pi Sigma Fraternity Open Debate 7/12/2010 to 8/12/2010
Jun10-031 UP Beta Sigma Fraternity IsaLente: Diwang Isko 07/12-16/2010
Jun10-032 CSSP Student Council KAPPistahan 7/30/2010
Jul10-033 UP CHK Student Council UP PEP Rally 2010 09/17-21/2010
Jul10-034 UP Dance Company 07/15-16/2010
Jul10-035 UP Sinagbayan U. AVE. 07/31/2010,08/1,7 & 8/2010
Jul10-036 Dulaang U.P. Dulaang U.P. 1. Orosman at Zafira 2. Shock Value…Take 2 08/11-29/2010 09/08-26/2010
Jul10-037 UP Likas Saan KASa Ngayon? 08/16-17/2010
Jul10-038 UP College of Architecture National Symposium on Filipino Architecture and Design 8/27/2010
Jul10-039 UP CFA Dept. of Visual Comm. Kapital: Tribute to Labor Art Exhibit 8/13/2010 to 9/18/2010
Aug10-040 UP Film Institute Cinematography Workshop 08/2-6/2010
Aug10-041 UP International Center Filipino Cultural Night 2010 8/27/2010
Aug10-042 UP CMC Student Council Mass Media Awareness Month 9/6/2010 to 10/1/2010
Aug10-043 UP Kaisa Lead to Serve Campaign 11/18-19/2010
Aug10-044 UP College of Mass Communication Launching of Urian Anthology III 1990-1999 9/10/2010
Aug10-045 UP College of Human Kinetics Dancing in September 2010 9/20/2010
Aug10-046 UAPSA-UPD UAPSA-UPD Week 2010 09/20-25/2010
Sept10-047 UP Tourism and Management Society ArTOURista: The Ultimate Challenge for Tourism and Art Enthusiasts 10/1/2010
Oct10-048 Coll. Of Archi., Coll. Of Fine Arts and Coll. Of Music Philippine-Italy:Cultural Nexus 10/15-19/2010
Nov10-049 Dulaang UP 35th Theater Season 1. Isang Panaginip na Fili2. Amphitryon 11/24 to 12/12/2010 2/16 to 3/6/2011
Nov10-050 Engineering Student Council Aveng’gers: The Century’s Mightiest Heroes – Centennial Engineering Week 12/10/2010
Nov10-051 College of Home Economics Mga Sulyap sa Baro at Saya ng Babaeng  Filipina Jan. to Apr. 2010
Nov10-052 Young Critics Circle 20th Annual Circle Citations for Distinguished Achievement in Film for 2009 11/11/2010
Nov10-053 UP Haring Ibon Likhalikasan: Klik! 12/6-15/2010
Nov10-054 Architecture Student Council 2010 National Achitecture Week 12/6-10/2010
Aug10-055 UP Asian Center Pesta Igal: Music and Dance of the Southern Seas 07/14-15/2010
Nov10-056 UP College of Music Abelardo Hall December 2010 Concerts Nov, to Dec. 2010
Nov10-057 Office of Student Regent LRP40:40 Taon ng Pag-aaral at Pakikibaka 11/22-30/2010
Dec10-058 UPD-OICA, OVCSA & USC Karolefest 2010 12/13/2010


Grant No. Organization Project Title Grant No.
Jan09-001 UP Circulo Hispanico Habla Musika 1/20-23/2009
Jan09-002 UP EURO (Euro-Filipino Understanding and Relations Understanding and Relations) The Philippine Summit on European Studies 2009 01/30/2009
Jan09-003 Dept. of Visual Communications UP College of Fine Arts Workshop with the Master Potters-Yasuo Terada-Japan Steve Harrison-Australia 01/31/2009
Jan09-004 UP Streetdance Club Street Fuzion 9: Crossroads 03/07/2009
Jan09-005 UP Pep Squad Elevate 9: Lift One Another UP 3/16-17/2009
Jan09-006 Department of History Bakbakan 2009: Pahusayan sa Kultura at Kasaysayan 02/16/2009
Jan09-007 Sentro ng Wikang Filipino Pambansang Balagtasan 2009 (Finals) 02/09/2009
Jan09-008 UP Physics Association Physics Month 2009 2/20/2009 to 3/2/2009
Jan09-009 UP JMA (Junior Marketing Association) 5pectacle (JMA Week Gallery) 2/3-6/2009
Jan09-010 UP Gears and Pinions Mechanical Engineering Days 2009: Inter-University Machine Design Contest 02/16/2009
Jan09-011 UP FLIPP (Future Library & Info Professionals of the Philippines) LibSpeak ’09: Inculcate~Integrate~Innovate 02/23/2009
Jan09-012 UP Repertory Company 2010: Dalawang Dula ng UP Repertory Company 2/26-28/2009
Jan09-013 University Student Council UP Centennial Fair 2/9-14/2009
Feb09-014 Molave Residence Hall Association Molave Arts Festival 03/14/2009
Feb09-015 UP Repertory Company Pagsambang Bayan 2/25-26/2009
Feb09-016 CSWCD-REDO (Research and Extension for Development Office) Matyag 4: CSWCD-REDO Advo-Docu Video Exposition 02/19/2009
Mar09-017 Architecture Forum Haraya 2009 3/10-13/2009
Mar09-018 Vargas Museum Archiving Roberto Chavet (Exhibit Opening) 3/3/2009 to 04/04/2009
Mar09-019 College of Human Kinetics CHK Indakan 02/20/2009
Mar09-020 Young Critics Circle 19th Annual Citations for Distinguished Achievement in Film for 2008: Sinesipat… 03/11/2009
Mar09-021 Salinlahi Alliance Patalasanlahi 2009 03/08/2009
Mar09-022 Dulaang UP Ang Kiri 2/25-27/2009
Mar09-023 College of Architecture Pa[ng]labas 07/21/2009
May09-024 KAISA (Nagkakaisang Iskolar Para sa Pamantasan at Sambayanan Tahanan ng Ating Lahi: Kaisa sa Kalayaan at Kultura 06/26/2009
May09-025 Musicology Department College of Music The Red Chamber Music Workshop and Concert 07/14/2009
May09-026 Vargas Museum Messenger of the Gods: A Duddley Diaz Retrospective 7/15/2009 to 10/31/2009
May09-027 Beta Sigma Fraternity Betan Month 2009 7/9-31/2009
Jul09-028 College of Mass Communication UP Gawad Plaridel 2009 07/10/2009
Jul09-029 Dulaang UP 34th Theater Season 7/1/2009 to 09/22/2009
Jul09-030 UP Artist’s Circle Sorority Fresh Space: Re-fresh/Garden Fresh 08/14/2009
Jul09-031 UP Buklod-Isip Sayawitsan (Sayaw, Awitan,at Balagtasan)/Cultural Night 08/20/2009
Jul09-032 UP LIKAS (Lipunang Pang-kasaysayan) Ika-18 Pambansang Kumperensiya ng Mag-aaral ng Kasaysayan 8/17-18/2009
Aug09-033 UP CMC Student Council Mass Media Awareness Month Halalan-Tanghalan: How Mass Media & Elections Evolve 9/11-30/2009
Aug09-034 UP ACES (Assoc. of Civil Engineering Students) 4th Civil Engineering Summit 2009 9/14-19/2009
Aug09-035 Departamento ng Filipino at Panitikan ng Pilipinas Timpalak Panitik 2009 9/15/2009 to 11/15/2009
Aug09-036 College of Arts and Letters and College of Music Marcelo Adonay: A Musical Celebration 09/17/2009
Sept09-037 UP-CMC Broadcasting Association Dulaang Kapiterya 2009 9/25-26/2009
Sept09-038 UP Economics Society Musikappella: Musika ng Maestro 10/03/2009
Sept09-039 UP Vargas Museum Persistent Visions 10/15/2009
Sept09-040 University Library Venue Development for the Center for Nationalist Studies Audio & Visual Library Sept. 2009 to Jan. 2010
Sept09-041 UP Circle of Engineering Students (CREST) Overexposed Photography Competition 9/10/2009 to 10/02/2009
Sept09-042 League of College Councils Kabataan Para sa Pagbabago: The Youth Agenda for 2010 9/30/2009 to 10/02/2010
Sept09-043 International Center Japanese Night 10/06/2009
Sept09-044 UP – NNARA – YOUTH Padayon: 14 na Taon ng Paglilingkod sa mga Magbubukid 11/9-13/2009
Oct09-045 UPD-OICA Turn-over Ceremonies of artwork by National Artist Abdulmari Imao 09/24/2009
Oct09-046 UPD-OICA Collections Management Workshop (Bulwagan ng Dangal Participation) 10/09/2009
Oct09-047 UP Anthropology Society Hulma: Mga Ethno-arkeolohikal na Pag-aaral sa Tiwi, Albay 10/20/2009
Oct09-048 International Center Korean Cultural Night 11/20/2009
Oct09-049 UPD-OICA Bulwagan ng Dangal Small Gallery 10/15/2009 to 11/30/209
Oct09-050 Sigma Beta Sorority Tune-UP 11/27/2009
Nov09-051 UPD-OICA Handumanan Display System 12/01/2009
Nov09-052 UP Sinagbayan U.AVE 12/12-13/2009
Nov09-053 Engineering Student Council Rock Eng’g Roll: Loud and Proud Engineering Week 2009 12/11-18/2009
Nov09-054 ASAPHIL-UP Candaba Wetlands Center Design Competition 11/23/2009
Nov09-055 Architecture Student Council National Architecture Week ‘2009 12/8-11/2009
Nov09-056 UPD-OICA Manuel Rodriguez Sr. Exhibit and Inauguration of the “Atelyer” 11/27/2009
Dec09-057 UPD-OICA and Kontra-Gapi Alamat ni Bulan, Sayaw-Dula 12/1-2/2009
Dec09-058 UPD-OICA, OVCSA & USC KAROLFEST 2009 12/09/2009
Dec09-059 Kalayaan Residence Hall Association Pasalubong Festival 2010 01/19/2010
Dec09-060 International Club of U.P. (ICUP) ICUPiptitri: ICUP Anniversary Week 1/26-29/2010
Dec09-061 SAMASKOM Live A.I.D.S. 26 2/13-20/2010
Dec09-062 UPD-OICA Venue dev’t: Lecture Room & Conservation Lab. Of BnD 12/14/2009 to 01/31/2010
Dec09-063 UPD-OICA Manuel Rodriguez Sr. Exhibit and Inauguration of the “Atelyer” 11/27/2009


Grant No. Organization Project Title Date Of Event
Jan08-001 UPD-OICA WhatsUP Jan 2008 Issue Jan. 2008
Jan08-002 UP Balanghai, Kamayo, Maradjaw Karadyaw, Iso Dabaw, Jambangan, Soccsksargen SinawMindanao: The Role of Mindanao Provincial Orgs in Uplifting Mindanao’s Cultural Landscape 1/14-18/2008
Jan08-003 Artists’ Circle Fraternity Kalipunan !V 01/22/2008
Jan08-004 University Student Council ACLE 01/24/2008
Jan08-005 CFA Student Council Sumisentenyal: Bihisan ang Tugtugan March 2008
Jan08-006 OICA WhatsUP? Feb/Dil Month Issue 2008 Feb. 2008
Jan08-007 OICA Himigsikan sa Lagun 2/3,10,17 & 24/2008
Jan08-008 OICA and Kontra-Gapi Tambulan sa Diliman (3rd Drum Festival) 02/28/2008
Jan08-009 OICA w/ Osage in collaboration w/ UP & UST CFA Launch of Chinese Artists Incarceration Project 02/19/2008
Jan08-010 CFA Student Council CFA Week: Kami ang Bida, Walang Kokontra 2/4-9/2008
Jan08-011 College of Mass Communication CMC College Week 2/18-22/2008
Jan08-012 College of Science CS Week: 25th Anniversary Celebration 2/18-23/2008
Jan08-013 College of Social Work and Community Development (CSWCD) Matyag 3: The 3rd CSWCD-REDO Advo-Docu Video Expo Project 02/19/2008
Jan08-014 Asian Institute of Tourism AIT Week 2/26-29/2008
Jan08-015 College of Fine Arts Symposium: Post Event Forum on the Chinese Artists Incarceration Project 02/28/2008
Jan08-016 Junior Marketing Assocication Upfied: Unity and Pride. Intensified 02/05/2008
Jan08-017 University Student Council UP Fair 2008 2/11-16/2008
Jan08-018 Asterisk (Asosasyon ng Kabataang Artista, Kritiko at Iskolar ng Sining at Kultura) Isang Siglo, Buksan 2: Ika-lawang Anibersaryo sa Sentenaryo 2/4-22/2008
Jan08-019 Gears and Pinions Mechanical Engineering Days 2008 02/20/2008
Jan08-020 Pep Squad Elevate 8: Lift One Another UP 02/26/2008
Jan08-021 FLIPP (Future Library and Information Professionals of the Philippines) LibSPEAK ’08 (Update~Upgrade~Uplist) 02/27/2008
Jan08-022 UP Law Student Government Malcolm IdoLAW Featuring Sing You in Court 02/28/2008
Jan08-023 Heritage Conservation Society Honrado R. Hernandez Competition for Architectural Criticism 2008 (Honny Awards) 2/13/2008 to 03/14/2008
Jan08-024 UP Repertory Company ISKO: Sandaang Taong Pakikibaka 02/23/2008
Jan08-025 CMC Broadcasting Association Diliman Classics Concert VII 02/29/2008
Jan08-026 UP Sidlangan Sangkay, Mawawara na Kami ha Kalendaryo 2/1-28/2008
Feb08-027 College of Fine Arts & UPD-OICA Heroes Anonimos of A Brilliant Struggle in Art-Making 01/31/2008
Feb08-028 Tomo-Kai Sulyap: Sineng Pinoy na may Timplang Hapon 03/08/2008
Feb08-029 Sanlahi Alliance Patalasanlahi  2008: An Educated Citizenry, the New Dimension of Nat. Identity 03/02/2008
Feb08-030 College of Architecture Haraya 2008: Taunang Pagpa-parangal sa Mga Likhang Mag-aaral sa Kolehiyo (CA Week) Mar. 2008
Feb08-031 Center for International Studies Komedya Oh Noh!: Workshop at Huntahan ng mga Batikang Aktor Kadoble and The Italian Restaurant 3/5-14/2008
Feb08-032 College of Architecture Research Program Office Museum of Architecture 03/07/2008
Feb08-033 All UP Academic Employees Union Pagkilala sa Mga Natatanging Kababaihan sa Isang Daang Taon ng UP 03/06/2008
Feb08-034 UP Haring Ibon Likhalikasan 01/17/2009
Apr08-035 Department of Visual Comm. CFA Tru-Colors: A Visual Experience on Contemporary Philippine Realities 05/06/2008
Apr08-036 School of Economics 2nd Philippine Inter-Collegiate Debating Championship 4/3-7/2008
Jun08-037 CFA, UPD-OICA and National Museum Lineage of Mentors Exhibit 06/24/2008
Jun08-038 University Student Council Vinzons Upgrade Launch 06/18/2008
Jun08-039 College of Human Kinetics UP Pep Rally- Centennial Edition 06/30/2008
Jul08-040 Office of Extension & External Relations – UP CMC UP Gawad Plaridel 2008 07/04/2008
Jul08-041 Young Critics Circle 18th Annual Citations for Distinguished Achievement in Film 2007/Sinesipat: Recasting Roles… 08/07/2008
Jul08-042 Sigma Alpha Nu Sorority 28th Anniversary: Women Lending Hands to the World July 2008
Jul08-043 Dulaang UP 33rd Theater Season (2008-2009) 7/16/2008 to 8/28/2008 (1st Sem)
Jul08-044 UP Aggregates, Inc. Photofest 2008: CE-ing Bold Perspective Reinforcing Civil Engineering Through Photography 7/21-26/2008
Jul08-045 Kabataang Pilosopo Tasyo (KAPITAS) Legal na si Tasyo: Pag-babalik Tanaw sa Labingwalong Taon ng Kagalingan at Pagharap sa Hamon ng Kasalukuyan 7/21-25/2008
Jul08-046 Lipunang Pangkasaysayan (LIKAS) Ika-17 Pambansang Kumperensya ng mga Mag-aaral ng Kasaysayan at Mass Media 8/25-26/2008
Jul08-047 Association of Civil Engineering Students (ACES) Stick-Wit-U: The 1st UP Diliman Bridge Building Competition 09/08/2008
Jul08-048 Asian Center Isang Daang Katao, Isang Daang Taka 9/5-20/2008
Jul08-049 Tomo-Kai Kampai! Tagay! Juhassai: Cheers to 18 years of Friendship 7/29/2008 to 08/01/2008
Aug08-050 UP Mass Communicators Organization (MCO) EQ@100: UP Centennial Edition 09/18/2008
Aug08-051 College of Human Kinetics Dancing in September 2008 09/22/2008
Aug08-052 Repertory Company Iskolar ng Bayan Isandaang Taong Laban 9/5,6,8-13/2008
Aug08-053 Statistical Society Inter-University Quiz Show: Stat-is-eeks! 09/13/2008
Aug08-054 Samahan ng Mag-aaral sa Komunikasyon (SAMASKOM) Live Aids 24: Round the Clock ang Halakhak 09/12/2008
Aug08-055 Visual Communication Department CFA Usapang Luad 8/25/2008, 9/1,8,15 & 22/2008
Aug08-056 CAFBEI grant OCA and OICA Designing Diliman Nov. 2008 to Feb. 2009
Sep08-057 UP SAWA and PULSE-NCPAG Tuloy ang Laban sa Sandaang Karahasan 8/14-29/2008
Sep08-058 Haring Ibon Likhalikasan 01/17/2009
Sep08-059 UPD National Network of Agrarian Reform Advocates – Youth Setor (UPD-NNARA) Suhay: Isang Gabi ng Pagkakaisa para sa Tunay na Repormang Agraryo 10/17/2008
Sep08-060 Repertory Company Repyestahan para sa Ika-100 Taon: UP Repertory Company Week 9/21-26/2008
Oct08-061 UPD-OICA UP Pep Squad Victory Party (Decorations) 09/16/2008
Oct08-062 Dancesport Society Oblation Dancesport Championships: National InterCollegiate Competition 02/28/2009
Oct08-063 Cinema as Art Movement 100 Years of UP, 100 Years of UP College of Fine Arts, 10 Years of Cinema as Art Movement 11/14/2008
Oct08-064 Filipiniana Dance Group Isang Daan 11/15/2008
Oct08-065 Samahan ng Mag-aaral sa Komunikasyon (SAMASKOM) Live AIDS Silver: The UP Centennial Edition 11/28-30/2008
Oct08-066 College of Fine Arts (Prof. Ruben De Jesus) 2008 CFA Art fair/Homecoming 11/15/2008
Oct08-067 College of Fine Arts (Prof. Rita Gudino) 2008 CFA Artfair/Homecoming Sa Simula…Nandito Ako (The 1st Student and Faculty Exhibition…) 11/15/2008
Nov08-068 CSSP-Office of the Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs 25K: 25 Taon ng KAPP 12/12/2008
Nov08-069 Engineering Student Council Engineering Week 2008: Eng’gximius: Simply Exceptional 12/10-17/2008
Nov08-070 UPD-OICA UP Then and Now Exhibit 12/8/2008 to 06/15/2009
Nov08-071 College of Fine Arts A Rubber Foam Sculpture Exhibition of the 25 Best-loved Philippine Children’s Book Characters 11/15/2008, 11/27 to 12/31/2008
Nov08-072 University Student Council Eco-active Day 11/25/2008
Nov08-073 Colleges: CAL, Music, CFA, Arch and Intellectual Property Rights Office Global Prospectus for the Arts in the Philippines: Artists for the Creative Industries 11/27-28/2008
Dec08-074 Sining ng Naglilingkod sa Bayan (SINAGBAYAN) Ang Mga Lorena 12/6-7/2008
Dec08-075 Samahang Linggwistika (SALIN) 10th Philippine Linguistic Congress Cultural Night 12/10/2008
Dec08-076 Association of Civil Engineering Students (UP ACES) Indakan 2008 and Jammen’g 12/11-15/2008
Dec08-077 College of Architecture Student Council National Architecture Week 2008 12/1-6/2008
Dec08-078 Office of the Student Regent Defend the OSR Concert 12/12/2008
Dec08-079 Pi Omicron Fraternity Indiemand 5 12/08/2008


Grant No. Organization Project Title Date Of Event
Jan07-001 Physics Association Physics Month 1/8-31/2007 and 02/02/2007
Jan07-002 Economics Society LENTE: Mga Maiksing Pelikulang Makabuluhan at Napapanahon 1/15-31/2007
Jan07-003 University Student Council Alternative Classroom Experience (ACLE 2007) 01/18/2007
Jan07-004 SAMASKOM The Live A.I.D.S. Monologue 01/29/2007 to 2/4/2007
Feb07-005 Asian Institute of Tourism AIT Week (Faculty Lecture Series) 02/20/2007
Feb07-006 CFA Student Council CFA Week: 99th, A Prelude to the Centennial 2/12-16/2007
Feb07-007 College of Science CS Week 1/17, 19 & 23, 2007
Feb07-008 Art Studies Dept, CAL Art Studies Week (Exhibit and Film Festival) 02/20/2007 to 3/8/2007
Feb07-009 Dept. of Theory, CFA Essentially Thailand (Asian Arts Festival VII) 2/26-27/2007
Feb07-010 College of Music A New World of Music 02/27/2007
Feb07-011 Sampaguita Residence Hall Sampaguita Dormer’s Week 2/5-10/2007
Feb07-012 Narra Residence Hall Narra Dorm Week 2/5-10/2007
Feb07-013 Ipil Residence Hall Ipil Open House: Ipil Aesthetic Music & Mosaic 2/5-10/2007
Feb07-014 Molave Residence Hall Molaventines (Seasons of Love) 2/5-10/2007
Feb07-015 Ilang-Ilang Residence Hall Ilang Open House Week: The Last Full Show 2/19-24/2007
Feb07-016 Arki-Forum Honrado R. Fernandez: Competition for Architectural Crticism 2007 02/13/2007 to 03/14/2007
Feb07-017 Artists Circle Fraternity Kalipunan III: Art Exhibit 01/29/2007 to 04/09/2007
Feb07-018 Haring Ibon Klik sa Kalikasan 3: A Picture of Nature 01/08/2007 to 3/2/2007
Feb07-019 Asterisk ALAS: Unang Hirit ng UP Asterisk 2/19-23/2007
Feb07-020 ARISE (Alliance of Responsive Involvement and Student Empowerment) Engineering Organization Excellence Award 2007 02/18/2007
Feb07-021 Sigma Alpha Nu Sorority Musikamalayan 2007 02/02/2007
Feb07-022 Cineastes 2007 Black Beret Film and Video Festival 2/29/2007
Feb07-023 UP Theater Council Curtain Call Play Festival 2/21-23/2007
Feb07-024 OICA & Dr. Santamaria, Asian Center IGAL: Dance of the Southern Seas 02/24/2007
Feb07-025 OICA & UP Kontragapi Tambulan sa Diliman (2nd Drum Festival) 02/22/2007
Feb07-026 OICA & UP Pep Squad Elevate 7: Lift One Another UP 02/27/2007
Feb07-027 OICA and USC UP Fair 2007: UP Not Fair Sale 2/12-17/207
Feb07-028 OICA and (CCP) Unveiling Markers for Bldgs by National Artists 02/14/2007
Feb07-029 PAUW-UP CCC Ang Huling Puno 12/09/2006
Feb07-030 UPD-OICA Bisita Kultura sa Kalayaan (feat. UP StreetDance Club) 01/31/2007
Feb07-031 Street Dance Club StreetFuzion 7: Back ‘N D’ Hood 03/03/2007
Feb07-032 CSSP Student Council Psynergy: The First All-Psychology Students’ Congress 3/2-3/2007
Feb07-033 UP FLIPP LibSPEAK ’07 (Educate~Empower~Elevate) Feb. 2007
Feb07-034 UP Harong Harong Nin Dunong Quiz: Tagisan sa Diliman 2/2-27/2007
Feb07-035 Film Institute 17th International Women’s Film Festival: Women Refigured–Making Choices… 3/5-8/2007
Apr07-036 Young Critics Cirlce (YCC) YCC Awarding Ceremony
Apr07-037 UP-CHK Varsity Sports Program The 5th Varsity Commencement and Recognition Day 03/16/2007
Apr07-038 College of Social Work and Community Development (CSWCD) Youth Summer Camp ’07 Reclaiming our bodies, Reclaiming ourselves” 5/18-20/2007
Apr07-039 UPD-OICA WhatsUP Diliman Month Issue (February 2007 Issue) Feb. 2007
May07-040 UP FPOC 2007 Upstage: A Chorale and Streetdance Competition
May07-041 UPD-OICA WhatsUP June 2007 Issue June 2007
Jun07-042 UP Engineering Student Council Overheat: A Night Overload with Fun, Frenzy, and Fashion 06/26/2007
Jun07-043 Dulaang UP All My Sons (31st Theater Season -06-07 summer offering) 5/2-13/2007
Jun07-044 College of Music Development of the UP College of Music Museum of Musical Instruments June 2007
Jun07-045 College of Human Kinetics Push on UP IV 07/04/2007
Jun07-046 UP Tomo-Kai Mangekyou No Kakera: Tomo-Kai Shifting Scenes ‘@ 17 (160:16A Piece of …) 7/9-13/2007
Jun07-047 College of Mass Communication UP Gawad Plaridel 07/24/2007
Jun07-048 Kabataang Pilosopo Tasyo (Kapitas) Patikim ng Pilosopiya Nya Ligaya ng Pilosopiya, Kaya mo ba? 7/23-27/2007
Jun07-049 Center for International Studies UPCIS School of Living Traditions, Colloquia and Performances 9/3-10/2007
Jul07-050 University Student Council Alternative Classroom Learning Experience (ACLE) AY 2007-08 1st Sem 08/16/2007
Jul07-051 Dulaang UP Passion of the Christ, As You Like It, Maiden Song, Orozman at Zafira, Itim ang Puso ng Kahungkagan 07/18/2007 to 5/18/2008
Jul07-052 Artists’ Circle Sorority Freshspace 3 & At Full Tilt! 30th Anniversary (Exhibit) 8/3-10/2007
Jul07-053 Sigma Delta Pi Sorority (Diliman Chapter) Para Sa ‘Yo Isko Concert 2007 08/24/2007
Jul07-054 UP Lipunang Pangkasaysayan (LIKAS) Kulang Kas? 8/29-30/2007
Jul07-055 Bukluran sa Sikolohiyang Pilipino (Buklod-Isip) Sayawan, Awitan at Balagtasan (Sayawitsan) 08/24/2007
Jul07-056 UPD-OICA WhatsUP? July 2007 Issue July 2007
Jul07-057 OVCSA Freshman Welcome Assembly 06/12/2007
Aug07-058 UP Engineering Society Admit One: The 7th Acoustic JammEng’g 08/17/2007
Aug07-059 UP SIKAP (Sandigan Para sa Ikauunlad ng KamalayangMaka-Araling Pilipino) Macario Sakay- Ang Paggunita sa Ika-100 Anibersaryo: Dapayan at Pasundayag 09/14/2007
Aug07-060 CMC Student Council Midyaming: A CMC Cultural Night 09/28/2007
Aug07-061 Sigma Kappa Pi Fraternity Consequential Redux: A Visual Arts Exhibit 9/13-14/2007
Aug07-062 Kontemporaryong Gamelang Pilipino (Kontra-Gapi) Kontra-Gapi’s 18th Anniv. Concert/Celebration 08/29/2007
Aug07-063 Streetdance Club Chosen Ground 4 08/18/2007
Aug07-064 Vocal Ensemble Tsismis the Concert 09/14/2007
Aug07-065 Green League UPGL at 15: A Great Leap Forward” Feat. Ganda at Dungis 9/3-7/2007
Aug07-066 College of Fine Arts UP College of Fine Arts Art Fair 2007 09/01/2007
Aug07-067 UP CRADLE (Children’s Rights Advocates League) Kids in the City: The Look into the problem of Mendicancy and Street Children (Photo Exhibit) 9/17-31/2007
Aug07-068 Department of Visual Comm. CFA Digital Prints on Contemporary Issues 8/17-29/2007
Aug07-069 Pi Sigma Fraternity Pi Sigma Month 07/31/2007 to 8/14/2007
Aug07-070 Film Institute Friday Film Bar: Concert, Coffee and Cinema (Ishmael Bernal Gallery) 08/10/2007 to 10/5/2007
Aug07-071 UPD-OICA WhatsUP? August 2007 Issue Aug. 2007
Sep07-072 Departemento ng Kasaysayan CSSP Linggo ng Kasaysayan 8/20-24/2007
Sep07-073 UP Anthropology Society Fieldwork Across the Border: The Sabah Experience 09/06/2007 to 10/31/2007
Sep07-074 Asian Institute of Tourism Symposium on Tourism and Climate Change 09/11/2007
Sep07-075 International Center Timplang Pinoy: Buong Mundo Saludo 09/12/2007
Sep07-076 Krishnamurti Society Krishnamurti at the University 9/24-28/2007
Sep07-077 Department of Visual Comm. CFA BINHI, Series of Ceremic Workshops, Lectures, Talks, and Exhibitions 9/1, 10/18, 10/20, 12/7, 8 & 10/2007
Sep07-078 UPD-OICA WhatsUP September 2007 Issue September 2007
Sep07-079 UP Powerlifting Team Push and Pull 2007: The Great Bench Press and Deadlift Challenge 09/26/2007
Sep07-080 School of Statistics Student Council Livewire: UP School of Statistics @ 54 9/17-22/2007
Sep07-081 CHK Student Council Kinetic ProjectL CHK Week ’07: Bringing Out the Potential in You 9/17-21/2007
Sep07-082 College of Human Kinetics Dancing in September 2007 09/26/2007
Sep07-083 Department of European Languages A Poster & Photo Exhibit of Municipalities & province in Spain & Philippines That have same names 10/4-12/2007
Sep07-084 UP Bible Readers Society Biblikasarian 3: Gender Sensitivity Forum 10/03/2007
Sep07-085 NCPAG-PULSE (Pursuit of Unity Through Leadership, Service and Excellence) Shout for Justice, Rock for Cris: A Benefit Concert 09/27/2007
Nov07-086 Asian Center (Philippine Studies) Hapones: The Early 20th Century Japanese Community of Baguio(Part of Phil. Nikkeijin 2007) 11/20/2007 to 1/15/2008
Nov07-087 UPD-OICA WhatsUP?- Nov-Dec 2007 Issue Nov. and Dec. 2007
Dec07-088 College of Music, UPD-OICA, and University Theater Ode to Joy- Beethoven Night Concert 12/07/2007


Grant No. Organization Project Title
Jul06-0099 UP College Of Music The 1st Opera Season: The Impresario & The Maid-servantThe 1st Opera Season: Susannah & Elixir of Love