Performance by Daloy Dance Company and choreographed by Ea Torrado.
13 June 2018,6pm Wednesday
Vargas Museum Grounds and CAL Lawn


Encounters is a performance by Daloy Dance Company and contemporary choreographer Ea Torrado.

It developed around Agnes Arellano’s suite of goddess sculptures Dakini, Innana, Kali and Magdalene.

The goddesses appear descended in a grove at the Diliman campus, strong verdigris forms amidst lush green growth.

Encounters explores dualities of human existence and is rooted in Ea Torrado’s exploration of dance as emancipatory ritual. In it, dancers descend into the depths of being with the body as channel for the divine. The encounter is coming together of corporal flesh and greater divinity.

The dance performance is shaped by active energy and force, listening and rest, presence and song. The intervals are marked by dancers heeding the call of the goddesses and becoming like prophets conveying a sacred secret.

Encounters reflect on human anxieties and the speed we careen towards greater progress or utter destruction.

Agnes Arellano’s goddesses remind us to be rooted – perhaps, that which we frantically seek is in all of us.

Encounters was the first collateral event for the Lawas Public Art Exhibition. The Exhibition runs until August 2018. For more information, please e-mail or visit


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