Application Procedure

  1. Download the Grants Guidelines and Grants Application Form/Project Proposal Form from the OICA webiste:;
  2. Accomplish the Grant Application Form/Project  Proposal Form online and send to for Grants Coordinator’s review and screening;
  3. After passing the screening, submit to UPD-OICA the following documents within the  specified deadlines in relation to the event date/s.

    1. Duly signed Grant Application Form (15 copies including original)
    2. A brief profile of their organization/unit (1 copy)
    3. If needed, additional information (mechanics, detailed description, etc.) regarding the project(1 copy);
  4. Submission Deadlines: On or before the deadline specified according to the event date/s. Please refer to the table below:
  5. All qualified applications shall be forwarded by the UPD-OICA Grants Coordinator to the UPD-OICA Advisory Board for evaluation and approval. The basis for grant approval and budget allotment shall be, but not limited to the merits of  the project  as evaluated alongside UPD-OICA’s mandate, its existing cultural programs and the availability of funds.


  1. Upon approval, the UPD-OICA grant coordinator shall NOTIFY the grantee (proponent/project coordinator) regarding the approved grant amount and the specific items approved for funding;
  2. The grantee shall be required to meet with the grant coordinator for ORIENTATION and CONTRACT SIGNING, ideally prior to the project’s commencement;
  3. The final financial documents (purchase request forms, inspections and acceptance forms, certificates of service, official receipts, etc) and accomplishment report/ documentation shall be submitted to UPD-OICA not later than thirty (30) days after the completion of the project/activity;
  4. Expenditure over and above  the  approved amount for the project/activity cannot  be charged against the UPD-OICA funds;
  5. Due acknowledgement in public announcements and in promotional materials pertaining to the activity shall be given to UPD-OICA  (tarpaulins and copies of posters/leaflets shall be submitted to UPD-OICA);
  6. Grantee will be notified if reimbursement/payment is available for claiming;
  7. Claim check or cash at the UPD Cash Office;
  8. The grantee may avail of future financial assistance from the UPD-OICA only if all obligations/requirements have been settled;
  9. In case of breach of the grant contract, UPD-OICA shall report in writing to the Office of the Chancellor and the University Registrar all unfulfilled obligations for the purpose of granting of all forms of clearance upon leaving the University.

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