A Site-specific Installation Exhibit

Lawas is about three site-specific installations that examine representations of the body and shifting modes of perception. Featured artists are Agnes Arellano, Lee Paje vand Mark Justiniani.

Arellano’s Project Pleiades 2,” cast stone goddesses, four of seven of the open star cluster most visible to the naked eye at night will be situated in an area between UP vargas Museum and UP Faculty Center; while Paje’s “Pagpamulak,” stylized sculptures meant to mimic the body’s intimate parts will be installed at the corner of Roxas Avenue and TM Kalaw St. Justiniani’s “Oasis” is a structure likened to a navel, an invisibe umbilical cord between heaven and earth. It will be constructed at the UP Lagoon area across UP Faculty Center.

For more details about the exhibit launching, please call the UPD Office for Initiatives in Culture and the Arts at 981-8500 loc 2659


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