The University Gateway

The University Gateway
The University Gateway

The official entrance of the university is called the University Gateway. The concrete guardhouse and two commuter sheds that comprise it were designed by National Artist Napoleon V. Abueva, who served as Dean of the UP College of Fine Arts (CFA) from 1977-1985. In the Gateway can also be found the commemorative plaque that remembers the end of the eight-day Diliman Commune in February 1, 1971, when the student barricades that crossed this point of University Avenue were assaulted by troops of the Constabulary Metropolitan Command, resulting in the death of student Pastor Mesina Jr.

The formal functionalism of the International Style is utilized (here) to provide a dramatic counterpoint to the long processional of University Avenue without disrupting it. The roofs of the three structures are all done in sharply angled triangles, pointing at a 45-degree angle forward. The commuter sheds in particular are planted on dangling small piers, which are also angled, and their ribbed roof supports are visible to the user, as if some giant alien creature’s skeletons were reused to make these sheds. Underneath, curvilinear concrete benches molded in back-to-back seating also provide a different, more organic sculptural feeling, one whose space is defined by a circular pavement. The guardhouse, on the other hand, is diamond-shaped, completing the Euclidian geometry of the Gateway.

Adapted from Pasyal: Walking Around UP Diliman

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