UP Diliman Arts and Culture Month 2019

Lakad-Gunita sa lupang hinirang

The UP Diliman Arts Month 2019 will commemorate the 70th year of the University’s move from its 10-hectare original site in Ermita, Manila to its 493-hectare campus in Diliman. Under President Bienvenido Ma. Gonzalez, the transfer marked a new era in the history of the University and acquired greater significance because it coincided with the 40th anniversary of the University. The transfer took place from December 16, 1948 to January 11, 1949. On February 11, 1949, a motorcade made its way from Manila to Diliman to transfer the Oblation. The Oblation was greeted by the cheers of the students and the enthusiastic welcome by University officials (Lazaro, 1985).

The UPD Diliman Arts Month 2019 will celebrate and contemplate on our sense of place, and the routes in place-making through various acts of memory (paggunita) and acts of transfer (paglipat). The UP as a communal portrait has many stories to tell – local narratives and institutional histories. And while remembering, the UP as a place would be a site of knowledge transmission which is always in conversation with larger narratives of the past and present, national and international issues of place and mobility.

While the “exodus” was intentional, how does UP Diliman position itself as lupang hinirang (dedicated land, “pride of place”) for the past 70 years? As the celebration will perform or exhibit UP’s cultural memory, it will also reflect on the routes and conditions of displacements (pag-alis sa lugar) and emplacements (paghubog ng lugar) in UP Diliman and beyond. In other words, the commemoration will also examine UP’s role and connection to urgent issues such land (lupa), settlement (paglulugar, puwesto), and migration.

For more information about the schedule of events for the whole festival, please click the link and download the Lakad-Gunita publication.

Lakad Gunita Publication

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